My Blogging New Years Resolution for 2016

My Blogging New Years Resolution 2016

There isn’t a week that goes by, sometimes several times a day, that I am not working on a project or brainstorming that I don’t say to myself “Hey that would make a great blog article, I should writ it.” Of course as this blog site clearly shows I have neglected to take action on those statements. Usually I am more eager to dive right into whatever the idea is work on it and before long something else comes along and that idea is pushed aside.

So I am writing the article as a proclimation to myself to do better this year and dedicate at leat 1 blog a week. Each blog I write should be no shorter then 2 paragraphs in length and I should either know the subject well or spend a half our or more researching the topic before writing about it. I know that most of the blogs will revolve about what current task or project I am muddling around in at the time, which is fine. That will actually allow me to look back and see what I have been working on and the relative time frames.

Ok 2016, lets do this!